Child pedestrian safety is poor in the UK

  • High death rate

  • High inactivity and obesity

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Welcome to Pedestrian Safety

...a website set up to campaign for roads to be safe for pedestrians - for an end to fatal and life-changing injuries to pedestrians - a "Vision Zero" for pedestrians

Walking is inherently a safe mode of transport - it was how people evolved to travel, even large distances

and safe freedom of movement is a basic human right more.

So walking on streets and roads should be a safe activity.

But the introduction of motor vehicles on to streets, travelling at lethal speeds, has often made walking dangerous and unpleasant.

This website examines the question of why UK roads are particularly dangerous for pedestrians

and sets out the evidence that it is due to maladministration and neglect by those responsible for pedestrian safety - i.e. Government ministers, MPs, councillors, national and local government officials, police officers and others are failing to safeguard children and other vulnerable people.

The website aims to
  • examine what has gone wrong
  • highlight poor practice
  • publicize best practice
  • provide resources for campaigning
  • publish reports, case studies, and evidence-based appraisals of those responsible for the safety of pedestrians.

UK streets are not safe
for walking

Some areas are four times
as bad as others

Example of poor practice