Best practice: Miscellaneous

Reporting of pedestrian safety

1. Pedestrian safety must be reported separately from other modes of travel; whilst the UK has good figures for numbers of car occupants killed or seriously injured (car occupant KSIs), it has poor figures for pedestrian KSIs.

2. Road safety must not be equated with low KSI figures. Whilst this might be true for car occupants, for pedestrians and cyclists, many journeys are not undertaken because of fear of injury or death, and so KSI figures alone give a misleading indication. Some of the most dangerous roads have no pedestrian injuries because they are recognised as being too dangerous to walk on. In fact, the greatest health effects from motor vehicle danger are the indirect effects through fear of injury causing child and adult inactivity, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so on, rather than the direct effect of the injuries.

Overhanging hedges and trees

East Sussex County Council has a campaign to urge landowners who are responsible for hedges and trees which overhang roads and pavements to 'cut it back' [1].

Notes / References

[1] 'Cut It Back' safety warning over hedges and trees (April 2015) Highways Magazine